Inuyasha-The Series Edit

Inuyasha the series is about a high school girl leaving somewhere and ends up meeting a half demon half human named "Inuyasha."

In feudal Japan, Kagome meets our hero, Inuyasha, apparently asleep, pinned to a tree through the shoulder by a sacred arrow.

Intent on becoming stronger, Inuyasha originally intended to use the Shikon Jewel to change from a half demon to a full demon.

To acquire the Jewel, he would have to steal it from Kikyo, the priestess tasked with purifying and protecting the Jewel. After several unsuccessful attempts to even approach Kikyo, Inuyasha began to develop feelings for her.

Their subsequent encounters lead to a close relationship, and the idea of using the Jewel to make Inuyasha a full-fledged human being, so that he could live forever with Kikyo, appealed to them both.