Vital statistics
name Yugo
Gender male
species Eliatrope
hair color light brown
eye color brown
abilities portals
relatives his adopted dad,Adamï(brother)
allies Eva, Ruel, Tristiepin, Amalia
enemies Nox, Quilby
first appearance "Child of The Mist"

Yugo Edit

Yugo is a 12 year old Eliatrope boy who cares for his people, friends, and family.

Personality Edit

From the looks of it, Yugo is 12 year old loving caring boy. He respects his family and friends. He's also cocky, just like any other boy. He seems to
protect his people -> Eliatrope from Quilby. Also, he's very honest.

History Edit

Grougaloragran was pushing a crate that had Yugo in there. At the start, he was the last of his kind. (Eliatrope).

Later Grougaloragran put the crate next to a tree. Leaving Yugo to have a step dad.

The dad got a message to raise the child till Yugo gets powers. So, when Yugo was 10, he had powers. So his dad sent him to find his real family. Leaving him to a very cool friends. He also meets Ruel, Eva, Trisiepin, and Amalia while on his adventure.